Hello and feel yourself welcome to the hole I carved into the internet and filled with love. It's not my first time digging one, I wasn't enjoying how my first website was going so I abandoned it after a while ... It's sad, but the poor lad had a terribly fatal case of 'being very boring and unoriginal'. I now hope to have fun, entertain and inform you, and bring some form of value to neocities who I adore so much. But alas, enough waffling on about nonsense, get yourself a cup of tea or whatever and have a look around this webweb.

88x31 buttons

Mooore progress on the about me, and.. ezekiel page. Besides that, I'm having some huge annoyances with the font. it switches on and off randomly! It'll just go away for no reason then I have to close the tab and search up the website and click it through there for it to work again until it eventually breaks for no reason once more... So annoying. Having trouble with iframes too. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll fix these eventually..

WEEEEE !! Did some progress on the About me. Lookin' good !

... Er. It's been a whiiiiile. I haven't worked on my website at all since the last time I updated! I really need to change that, really badly. I plan on starting to work on the 'about me'. I've really been putting that off.

Hooh, boy. I might've spent the whole day working on the website. Finished the blogs section and made my 88x31 buttons! Horrayy! Jumps up and clicks my heels

Theeere we go, index is DONE! And, frankly, it looks way better than it did on my first try so I'm honestly glad it didn't save my progress. And mate I knoooow I said I'd work on the About Me, but I just did the Links section instead... Just rolling out the easiest parts first, y'know?

... Guess what, lads. I had already finished this index maybe a month ago, only to find out it did not save my progress! Sigh. I've been building it back up, and I'm hoping to finish re-doing it in the next few days. Then I'll put my attention riiight back to the About Me page..! ^_^ Html is a little frustrating sometimes, and by 'little' I mean an insanely madly deeply huge amount of frustrating.

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