Here's some links I think you should click with your cursor.

Windows93 - A really cool browser game. - Lemon demon dot net.
Glitter graphics - Really pretty graphics to spice up your webwebs.
Glitter maker - Make some glitter text.
Play 2048 - ...Play 2048.
Jspaint - Jspaint on your browser!
Coolsymbol - Pretty text symbols.
Texturestation - Some old repeating textures, good for backgrounds.
Referenceangle - Pick an angle and get references of heads for all yer drawing needs.
Cameronsworld - A beautiful collage of archived geocities gifs.
Piskel - Make pixel drawings and gifs on your browser, great for 88x31s.
Skins webamp - A huge collection of skins for your webamps.
iMood - A platform where you can set your mood and showcase it on your website.
Status cafe - Similar to iMood, but with text. It's what I have in the index!
Neal dot fun - Some very fun little nerdy games, a good way to pass the time for a bit.

Now for the good part, here's some NEOCITIES websites you should click with your cursor.

This is just... Such a wonderful website. It's absolutely beautiful as always, and the writing pieces are so intriguing and well written, they got me busy for hours and I think I came out a more intelligent man, I definitely reccomend you check it out. It's got some pretty heavy themes, so tread with caution bucko!

Oh boy, dokodemo. This website was a huge inspiration for me, and still is! The layout never fails to impress me, it's so beautiful and well crafted, and very informative. It helped me out quite a bit when I had just started out with HTML as a wee lad. I don't think I'd be where I am right now if I hadn't found dokodemo and it's wonderful community.

This is another one of those sites that really, really inspired me to better my HTML. It's genuinely the most beautiful site I know! And that's not to mention that's its just... Entertaining. I spent hours navigating it and there's so, so much to read and look at. I'd reccomend you give it a look.

Another beautiful website. The layout is so nice and calming and well crafted, I just love love the look of it! Absolutely lovely art, and lovely collections of images. Consider cheking it out!

Very unique, lovely colors and a very interesting look. Soo impressive for a first website! I'm very much looking forward to more.

Ahhhhh suuch a beautiful website!!! Though you might have trouble navigating if you don't speak Spanish. But even then I think it's worth a look just from how pretty it is.

A very simple and cozy site, very reminiscent of something actually from the 2000s for me. Wonderful art gallery and some interesting shrines. Check it out!

By golly, this is one of the most technically impressive sites I've seen on Neocities, seriously! I have no idea how this guy did half of the things here! Seriously impressive, beautiful, and most importantly very entertaining. I can tell a LOT of effort went into this thing. So please, show this fella some appreciation. :-)

Never have I seen someone so charming, genuine, charismatic, and weird on the web! Seriously, such an adorable little website with great articles for you to gaze your eyes upon. I seriously love what this guy has got going on with his site. Not to mention he's a lovely person :-) So check kwason out!

Super cute and charming website with hand drawn graphics and tons of pages to explore!!! I actually love love the web design, very great stuff. The fish section is so so good, if you told me it was made in 1999 I would believe you.

A very nice old web themed site. I really really enjoyed the 'collections' section, right up my alley! :-) The reviews are nice too! Check it out.

A very unique site with lovely web design ! Seriously very creative ideas for web pages..

Very cool webweb by an interesting dude. Lots of pages to explore :-)))))